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Bugs n Slugs programs in South Australia are provided by Kristen Messenger from Conservation Education Services and her staff. Kristen is an enthusiastic and experienced environmental educator with a long and successful work history at well respected institutions such as the Botanic Garden of Adelaide and the Adelaide Festival Centre.

For program enquiries or bookings please contact Kristen.

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Land Snail Survey Resources

Bugs n Slugs Resources

Bugsnslugs are helping to promote a state wide survey of land snails being conducted by the SA Museum and we need your help!

All you need to do is download the survey information, get surveying, then return your survey results to slugnsnailsa@gmail.com. Also, don’t forget to Like Bugs n Slugs on Facebook for updates on lots of cool bug news from around the state! Happy hunting.

Download the Land Snail Survey Resources

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Bugs n Slugs Resources

We have a heap of handy resources for both teachers and students. From centipedes and cicadas to scorpions and stick insects.

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Hatch Your Own Stick Insect

Hatch Your Own Stick Insect Care Sheet

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