Bugs n Slugs are dedicated to the conservation and promotion of invertebrate animals such as insects, spiders, lobsters, worms and snails.

We offer a number of services including education programs for all ages and ability levels. This website will give you a good introduction to our services. However, we can do much more. If you have special requirements or needs please feel free to contact us. Flexibility is our strength.

Invertebrate animals – animals without backbones – make up 99 % of animal diversity. Contrary to common belief, only very few are serious pests and diseases of humans, live stock and crops. Indeed, the vast majority of invertebrate animals are absolutely vital to ecosystem health. They keep our rivers and oceans clean, our soils and crops productive and recycle organic waste.

In short, without invertebrate animals our world would be an inhospitable place. Motivated by this, our services foster the appreciation of invertebrate biology, diversity, form, function and unique beauty.