Very Hungry (Gum Moth) Caterpillar Kit


Experience the magic of metamorphosis with a Bugs n Slugs Very Hungry Gum Moth Caterpillar kit. Watch your caterpillar grow until it builds a cocoon and emerges as a beautiful Helena Gum Moth. 

Our Very Hungry Caterpillar Kit comes with everything you need to raise your caterpillars to a gorgeous moth including; 

  • Two VERY HUNGRY Helena Gum Moth caterpillars.
  • Enough food plant to feed your caterpillar for a few days but you will need to supply more fresh gum leaves twice a week or more often when they get very big (depending on how hungry they are). 
  • An instructional pdf and free access to our online videos via our Facebook and Youtube Pages.
  • Free online and phone support

Please Note: This product is available to customers in Adelaide, South Australia ONLY. If you are outside the Metro area, Please contact us BEFORE making your order. 

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