Bugs n Slugs programs in South Australia are provided by Kristen Messenger from Conservation Education Services and her staff. Kristen is an enthusiastic and experienced environmental educator with a long and successful work history at well respected institutions such as the Botanic Garden of Adelaide and the Adelaide Festival Centre.

For program enquiries or bookings please contact Kristen.

The Bug Show (suitable for preschoolers and primary school children)

This is the most popular of our regular shows and with good reason. The Bug Show is an entertaining introduction into the world of invertebrate animals. We present the students with many live animals from a variety of invertebrate groups. This way the students:

  • learn about the general biology of invertebrates
  • come to appreciate the diversity of invertebrates
  • will identify the distinguishing features of major groups like spiders compared with insects or centipedes compared with millipedes
  • will learn about the roles of invertebrates in nature

The Minibeasts in the Rainforest program at the Botanic Garden of Adelaide

This program is going from strength to strength. Students are led through the stunning Bicentennial Conservatory and learn about the rainforest and the invertebrate creatures that depend on it.
To book this presentation please contact Steve Meredith, Education Officer at the gardens. T: (08) 8222-9344 E:
For all other programs, contact Kristen

Tailor Made Programs

If you are looking for a more specific program, please feel free to contact Kristen and discuss your needs. She can organise exhibitions at shopping centres and malls, trade fair displays and special open day exhibitions.

Kristen is a very enthusiastic performer, crafts person and a talented costume designer. There are many occasions where you may like to convey an environmental message involving invertebrate animals. Why not use art, craft or puppetry to do so?